Corsair Gaming MM200 Extended Edition Musematte

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The cloth surface of the MM200 delivers excellent glide characteristics that allow you to execute fast swipes and pull off high-precision shots with confidence and consistency. It's optimized for gaming sensors, with a carefully-screened surface material that delivers excellent tracking.

You can't afford to have your mouse surface move in the middle of a firefight, so Corsair added a non-slip base that provides cushion with just the right amount of give. And it's made of natural rubber, so it doesn't have a harsh chemical odor.

Produktbeskrivelse CORSAIR Gaming MM200 Extended Edition - musematte
Produkttype Musematte
Produktmateriale Gummi, tøy
Dimensjoner (BxDxH) 93 cm x 30 cm
Vekt 430 g
Farge Svart

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